Synthesis Essay with Example.

Synthesis Essay being a written discussion makes insightful connections acquiring support from several sources with different perspectives. For one to write an outstanding synthesis, one should conduct thorough research on the given topic, have the ability to identify meaningful connections within the research and then create a unique and persuasive point of view.

As a writer, you should analyze every source keenly and figure out how it relates to the given topic. Synthesis essay sources come from various places including newspapers, books, academic journals, websites and magazines. There are three types of essays where a Synthesis essay outshines the other two namely; AP English Language and Composition Exam.

Synthesis is utilized in;

  • Analytical papers to look into associated theories. 
  • Research papers incorporating several sources.
  • Argument papers compare varying opinions while supporting logical claims.
  • Business reports for different concepts evaluation and incorporate them into a logical plan.

Different Types of Synthesis Essays

There are mainly two types; argumentative synthesis essays and explanatory synthesis essays.

  • Explanatory Synthesis Essays: This form of essay targets an on-topic explanation or any dispute to the reader. On this, the writer gathers data from various sources presenting it in an organized manner highlighting main points with a clear explanation of the topic relation.

The intention is to provide a thorough understanding of the main matter without choosing a particular side or arguing a specific point of view.

  • Argumentative Synthesis Essays: This type of essay influences the reader to adopt a particular point of view or react in a certain manner. The writer gathers information from various sources and utilizes it to gain a case for their argument.

The aim is to acquire a well-illustrated argument that persuades the reader to side with the writer’s point of view.

Considerations for Writing a Synthesis Essay

An effective synthesis should contain various key elements working together for a strong argument formation. Listed below are the most crucial elements a writer should include in their synthesis essay.

  • A well-defined Thesis Statement – The thesis statement being the main argument, should be specific, concise and clear, conveying the writer’s point of view.
  • Organized Paragraphs – The body paragraphs should be easy to flow at all times and well-organized. Presented information should be relevant to the synthesis statement where each paragraph focuses on a single point or idea. 
  • Evidence from Sources – For thesis support, the writer is expected of proof from the sources. Writers are supposed to be extra cautious by using credible sources and citing all the sources by use of appropriate citation style.   
  • Analysis and Interpretation – Writers are bound to simply summarize the sources being used. They should evaluate and expound on the data presented, drawing connections between various sources while highlighting crucial points.
  • Counterarguments – the writer should address potential counterarguments to the respective position. This illustrates how considerate the writer is, in diverse perspectives and is capable of making a strong case for the position.
  • Transition Words and Phrases – The writer is expected to use transitional phrases and words to assist the reader in following the sensible flow of their argument. The words and phrases boost in connection of different ideas and make the essay more comprehensible.
  • Conclusion – The conclusion restates the thesis statement and also summarizes the key points of the essay, including a call to action or final thought that induces a lasting expression in the readers.

How to Write a Synthesis Essay

By writing synthesis, you get to synthesize existing ideas and arguments creating an original formation in conjunction with research, top-notch planning and effective organization.  Listed below are the steps followed in writing a synthesis essay.

  • Define a topic or argument – The chosen topic should be broad for incorporating various ideas and sources, detailed but manageable. The writer immediately develops a clear thesis statement that illustrates the whole idea of the argument in the essay.
  • Carry out research – The research should consist of various sources such as magazines, newspapers, websites, academic journals and books. It is the writer’s mandate to evaluate the credibility of the sources, figuring out the most useful and relevant for the argument.
  • Create an outline – The outline created about the research at hand should have key points, a thesis statement and evidence points supported by the sources. Finally, the writer should plan and consider on how to address potential counterarguments in the essay.
  • Compose the essay – An outline acts as a kick point to begin essay writing where every paragraph focuses on a single point or perspective with sources and evidence to support the argument. Appropriate citation style is very crucial; therefore, the writer should cite all sources of the essay.
  • Revise and edit – At this point, the writer is essential in revising and editing the first draft of the essay. It includes checking for grammar errors, and spelling and making sure the essay has a good flow while reading. Feedback from peers is also recommended for any possible revisions based on the feedback.
  • Finalize the Essay – This being the final step, the writer’s task should be finalized by correct formatting according to the guidelines and by checking out all references and citations.

Tips and Tricks for Writing a Synthesis Essay

For a great essay creation, one must utilize the following tips:

Research – When obtaining information to use in the research, one must use valid data that has not been rejected elsewhere. Always feel free to conduct extensive inquiries and read as much as possible before synthesizing the information.

Create an Outline – Creating an outline for your synthesis helps in organizing writers’ thoughts.

Use Hook Statement – The first line of the essay should be catchy for an easy hold of the writer’s attention.

Use of Good Words – An essay aims to communicate your ideas and have a persuasive argument. This is settled by using vivid language and precise words.

Paragraph structure – An essay paragraph should have a topic sentence introducing the main concept which should not be either too short or too long.

Use of Transition Words – The use of transition words smoothly binds one paragraph or sentence to the next for a solid and well-organized essay.

Proofreading – As the writer, ensure to finalize the essay by counter-checking any sentence or grammar error to avoid a bad perception of your synthesis essay. All this is met by eliminating all errors.

Synthesis Essay Structure

The Synthesis essay structure does not vary from any other essay as it consists of an introduction, body paragraphs and finally a conclusion. Moreover, listed below are various elements suitable for the synthesis essay.

Introduction – Background information should be included in an essay and finalised with a viable thesis statement outlining the key essay argument.

Body Paragraphs – Each body paragraph should focus on a single point or idea and be organized across all aspects of the argument. Each paragraph has to properly cite the sources in supporting the argument. It is crucial in transitioning smoothly addressing potential counterarguments between paragraphs. 

Synthesis – This is where the writer brings together data from different sources to support their concept. This consists of summarizing and evaluating information from various sources and illustrating how it promotes the idea.

Conclusion – The conclusion summarizes the argument and reaffirms the essay statement to come up with a satisfactory ending. It should not include any new information other than a final point of view on the given topic.

Bibliography –   For proper credit in your research materials, one must include a source list and it supports all guidelines. That is; APA, MLA, AP or Chicago. This step can occupy up to two pages of work.


Neighbourhood Changes in the Year 2050

Time really flies very fast having in mind 2050 will be 32 years from now. I am growing old bit by bit now that I am an adult. My plan is how this neighbourhood will look like in 2050, with an expectation of being new-fashioned, newfangled and modernist. I expect the population to increase by about 250,000 in the next few decades. Once the city develops towards a network of compact, convenient neighborhoods which are essentially car-free, the number of cars on the city streets will decrease.

Private car use should not rise even if there is population growth in the city. We can achieve this by carpooling and use of public transport in the neighbourhood. We have to come up with a way where the car’s engine and passenger cabin are assembled apart, allowing the driver to have a personal space, something that would be more attractive in Seoul. However,   Illnesses such as heart disease, emphysema, and asthma are unavoidable.

Busy expressways are being lined with new houses, bike lanes, sidewalks café, bus lines and trams. Daily errands will be run by residents on foot or by bike.  The city’s aim is that residences, schools, shops and companies are close enough to one another so that numerous individuals may not commute.

There was a major concern raised in the year 2018 by residents of greenery absence. This adds up to one of the improvements to work on in my neighbourhood in 2050; my plan is to plant lots of green plants. Green plants supply oxygen and there is no life without it.  

We will pass a punishment motion for those caught cutting down trees making them come to a realization of the importance of green plantations to humankind. The punishment will be planting many trees back in a period of two months and maintaining them in a healthy manner, contrary to that you pay $5000 for every tree.

There is a need for public sections. We will come up with parking lots with several floors to cater for all citizens. More so, there is an issue we came across on how to prevent the incidence from occurring because of how far the car can travel as the limit.

In conclusion, the earth is getting older and 2050 should be an awesome year as compared to 2018. The level of technology should be advanced to fit the current situation. The whole city’s concept was established by the use of comprehensive responses from current residents.


Changes in the Neighbourhood in 2050: Synthesis Essay. (2023, September 15). Edubirdie. Retrieved November 28, 2023, from

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