Psychology homework help.

To successfully complete this learning unit, you will be expected to:

  1. Analyze helpful coping skills for families dealing with the crisis of IPV and abuse.  
  2. Integrate evidence-based counseling interventions appropriate for working with families dealing with the crisis of IPV and abuse.

Required Reading:

Boal, A., Banks, J. B., Hathaway, L. M., & Schuettler, D. (2011). Coping with stressful events: Use of cognitive words in stressful narratives and the meaning-making process. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 30(4), 378-403.

Haskins, C. (2003). Treating sibling incest using a family systems approach. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 25(4), 337-350.

Sheinberg, M., & True, F. (2008). Treating family relational trauma: A recursive process using a decision dialogue. Family Process, 47(2), 173-195.


Research the current professional literature for two different evidence-based treatment interventions for families dealing with the crisis of intimate partner violence or abuse (i.e. child, elder). compare and contrast each intervention.  Make sure to highlight with what particular population/s the intervention has been shown to be effective, and also strengths and coping skills each intervention fosters in the family.

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