Why I deserve this scholarship essay

Why I deserve this scholarship essay

When writing “Why I deserve this scholarship essay”, you need to keep in mind that effective communication help you get the scholarship. By this, I mean you need to provide a detail on your experience, goals and future plans. The following is an example of your essay format:


Begin your essay with a eye catching statement that will impress the ready just at a glance. This can be a personal quote or related statistics.

Just below the above statement, clearly write your thesis statement that will explain why you are writing the essay and why you think you deserve this scholarship.

Educational and Career objectives:

In this section, you will explain your educational background along with your long-term educational goals and career goals. Also, explain how this scholarship is important to you and how it will help you achieve your goals. In addition, discuss how the scholarship will impact your education and career.

Achievement and accomplishment:

In this section, it is important to discuss more about your academic achievement success including your highest grades, awards, honors among others. Also talk about your participation in extra curriculum activities such as community development, clubs and try to emphasize some of the leadership roles and responsibilities you were involved with when you were in the school.

Personal experience:

This section allows you to discuss some of the challenges you’ve encountered in your life and how those challenges helped to shape your determination and character. Mention instant of personal growth and how they relate to your pursuit of education.

Financial need (If needed):

This section allows you to discuss your financial situations and you plan to raise or whether you need assistance and why you need it.Try to connect your financial needs to your education and career goals. Don’t forget to explain why the scholarship will elevate your financial status.

Why this scholarship:

Show them you have done your research about this scholarship and explain why this particular scholarship is important to you. Discuss how the scholarship align with your education goals and career. This could be related to community service, leadership or commitment to a certain field.


Now, its time to summarize your key points and please remind your reader why you are an ideal candidate for the scholarship. Always end this essay with a strong and memorable closing statement.


Read your essay loud and remove or edit encountered errors. Ensure the essay is grammar free, no typo errors or meaningless phrases. Also ensure your essay is clear and concise.

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