Promotion Campaign For ReStore Habitat For Humanity.

Create a promotional campaign for ReStore, a Habitat for Humanity retail store ( Using a variety of promotional techniques, create a campaign for ReStore. Keep in mind that you have a very limited budget and are promoting a retail store associated with a nonprofit organization. Be sure to identify the key goals for the promotion:

  • Target audience
  • Methods that will be used
  • Any ethical concerns that need to be addressed

Your presentation should meet the following requirements:

  • Be a PowerPoint presentation of 12 slides
  • Cite at least 3 resources other than the textbook
  • Be formatted according to the  APA Requirements

Include “voice over” in the notes section of the slides. The professor should be able to read what you would say during your presentation. The slides, therefore, can and should be very visual.



Habitat is global

It is deeply interested in offering housing solutions

Habitat relies on donations and volunteer work to spearhead its programs.

• The Habitat ReStore shops are retail stores for home appliances, furniture and building materials.

• They are found all over the world.

• The stores are open to the public all over.

ReStore has a very flexible audience and clientele.

Families looking to own suitable homes.

Builders and contactors with the vision to erect housing facilities.

Interior designers and homeowners.

Building materialsUsed furnitureAppliances

Great prices

A great diversity of home products and appliances

Support a great cause.

Social media marketing

Customer referral incentivesHabitat for Humanity

Customer appreciation events

Social media offers direct marketing.It connects millions of internet users.

The platform will increase ReStore’s relevance

The platform will allow a connection between the store and its customers.

Create a buzz

Encourage new customers to the storeFree productsBig discounts

Customer loyalty

Cause-related marketing Habitat for Humanity

A cause that people can believe in

Customers will believe to be part of something greater.

Create a relevant social value for both the customers’ and store’s image.

Customer appreciation events

Customers are more likely to participate in a no-cash appreciation event.

The events will improve the shops’ image.

Food such as pizza and hotdogs are inexpensive snacks that people love.

Ethical concerns

Sale price manipulation; this involves marking goods with prices higher than their original price. The consumers are tricked into thinking that they are receiving a bargain.

Special prices or offers; this involves convincing a customer to purchase a product before giving them a special gift.

Bait and switch; this involves promoting a product on sale that is out of stock or limited in order to try to get the customer buy more expensive goods.

Employment of the mentioned strategies are cost effective and will increase the consumer population at ReStore

The strategies will also go a long way in promoting the store’s image.


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